Recent Before & After Photos

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Fire Damage

A local resident experienced an electrical fire in his Bedroom. Thankfully it was caught in time, saved the majority of his house. While the house was saved, th... READ MORE

Extremely impressive shiplap ceiling after roof leak

After a wind storm that is associated with a fast-moving group of severe thunderstorms and rain this homeowner noticed her roof was leaking and her ceiling was ... READ MORE

Beautiful Kitchen Restored after Water Damage

This water damaged kitchen in the before photo was the result of a broken pipe. Notice the extent of the water damage; the water was about six inches deep throu... READ MORE

We are here to help

This home suffered an attempt robbery. They were able to break in through the sliding door glass from the backyard. Leaving broken glass and metal pieces scatte... READ MORE

Emergency calls 24/7

Posted is a photograph of a Commercial that experienced a large flood affecting multiple floors. We received the call and immediately went out ready to begin wa... READ MORE

Commercial Fire

The photographs are of a commercial building that experienced a severe fire. After careful inspection we found that the building structure was salvageable. That... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO of N.Pomona/ La Verne

SERVPRO of N. Pomona / La Verne does what is best for the homeowner. We were called to this property whom for a few days had a plumber inspecting and finding th... READ MORE

Signs of a roof leak

Heavy rains with winds often cause roof leaks. This one happened to occur in the bathroom. The homeowner noticed the walls were looking pretty moist before usin... READ MORE


Aside from water damages we unfortunately also are called out to help with fire clean ups. This fire occurred in a commercial building, thankfully nobody was in... READ MORE

Thunderstorm damaged roof

In California we rarely have major thunderstorms but when we do they sure are strong. A storm was packed with strong winds that caused roof damages that resulte... READ MORE